Orders are shipped by Canada Post, and shipping costs will be automatically calculated at checkout. We do not mark up shipping charges, but the range of products that we ship requires us to use a variety of packaging materials. This may result in very small discrepancies between calculated and actual shipping costs.

If the Canada Post rate is not shown in your checkout page, please check that you have entered your address and postal code correctly. Canada Post will not accept shipments over certain weight and volume limits. Large orders are not much more expensive to ship than smaller orders. It would be economical to consolidate items to better optimize costs.

The delivery times estimated by Canada Post are usually quite reliable, however shipments can sometimes be delayed beyond the time frames given, particularly seasonally. is not responsible for goods reaching you in the time estimated by Canada Post. You are solely responsible for providing us with a valid and accurate shipping information. Shipments that go astray or are otherwise delayed or missing are not the responsibility of is not responsible for the collection or payment of any additional charges arising from incorrect shipping information or other delivery problems.

Resolving any disputes with, or claims against Canada Post resulting from delivery delays or damages is your responsibility; cannot assist in their resolution.

We reserve the right to use an alternative shipper in the event of a Postal strike. In this case, we will adjust shipping costs accordingly.


Weather Conditions

Canada Post does not transport shipments in heated environments during periods of very cold weather, and liquids in glass and plastic packs are subject to freezing and breakage. Because of this, there is a small chance of damage, particularly when shipments are delayed. If your order contain such items, we cannot guarantee that they will not be damaged under these circumstances. We will ship them, at your risk.


Unavailability of Goods

While we do our best to keep inventory information current, the receipt of several orders in a short time frame and other factors outside our control may result in an item(s) being unavailable when your order is processed, even though it is not flagged as such. If this circumstance arises, we will contact you by email and provide you with an estimate of when the item(s) will become available again.


Shipping Policies and Rates Subject to Change

Our shipping policies and/or Canada Post's shipping rates are subject to change without notice. If changes occur after your order is processed but before it is shipped, the policy and/or rates most advantageous to you will be honored. Any changes made to policy and/or rates will be immediately evident in the checkout process, but please check this page regularly for a more-detailed explanation of current policy and rates.


Shipping to US

Due to the current import restrictions on Food products such as having to obtain pre-clearance for each item from Homeland Security, shipping to the US as it stands will be too costly to be practical. We, therefore have to decline orders from the US.