Original BaKuTé Herbal Soup Mix

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Robust and nutritious, this aromatic dish originated from an old seaport on the coast of the Strait of Malacca. BaKuTé is a classic culinary masterpiece of the overseas Chinese in South East Asia. OneFineShop.ca uses only all natural ingredients in this authentic original BaKuTé recipe.

Also cooks well with: mushroom, lettuce, carrot, tofu puff, bitter gourd and Chinese cabbage.

For chicken or pork.

Ingredients: angelica sinensis, polyconattum, cinnamon, white pepper, codonopis pilosulae, glycyrrhiza uralensis, ligusticum wallichi, caryphylli slof, sitri exocarpium, star anise. Special sauce: soy extract, sugar, salt, water.